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This is the Time For The Projects and Renovations You Have Been Putting Off

Now that the days are longer and the summer is almost here, it is easy to forget that winter will eventually come around again. So, now is the time of year to repair and renovate woodwork , replace broken concrete and re point crumbling mortar. If fence or gate posts are rotten and need replacing then this is the time of year to do the work. It is much easier to pull out and replace a post now than when the ground is wet and cold. So, if you know some repairs are going to need doing before the winter, please don’t leave it until the nights are drawing in again. Ask for a quote now.

Are you coping with your garden?

If you need some help keeping your lawn cut I would be happy to help, I have a powerful petrol mower which can easily cope with large areas of long grass. Also an electric Flymo for small areas for where you need the grass cut short. I am also happy to do edging and strimming where required. I can also prune shrubs and smaller trees and cut down and remove them if necessary. Please give me a call if I can be of assistance. I am also happy to take on regular commitments for grass mowing or weeding during the growing season.

Metalwork Services

Metal work construction and repairs are less commonly catered for. I have a lot of experience in metal work and I have the tools for working in steel and aluminum. I also have access to both arc and mig welding equipment.

So, whether you just need some metal brackets made up, or a substantial steel railing or gate built, I will be happy to give you a quote. Please see some examples on my metal work page.

What Can I do to Help?

Please see my list of services and examples of work below. So, if there is anything I can do to make your garden more enjoyable this summer, or ease your mind about any of those jobs you know need doing around your house or office, then please get in touch.

All work done on a hourly or daily basis. You decide how much help you want. Give me a call on 0771 358 5954 or email today and I will be happy to come and discuss your requirements.

Graham Butcher – Handyman Services

What does it take to be a good handyman?

A good handyman fills the gap between more specialised trades people. A specialist gets very good at one thing and concentrates on one particular skill. However, even a small job often requires a range of skills in order to be completed. A handyman should therefore have a broad range of skills helping him complete a job to a high standard without the expense and inconvenience of bringing in more than one tradesperson.

A good handyman will have a versatile range of skills and appropriate tools to efficiently complete any task he undertakes. He will also have a good knowledge of materials and products so that the best resources can be used to finish a job to the customer's satisfaction.

It also helps if the handyman can think through a problem and is able to come up with effective and often unique solutions for the job in hand. The handyman then carries out the plan or design, making a sound repair, renovation or improvement. The same applies to any new construction.

On the other hand, a handyman also needs to know his limits in terms of skills, knowledge and available tools. When an aspect of a job, or indeed a whole project, is beyond his abilities and available equipment then the handyman will say so and recommend bringing in a specialist.

This is the approach I take to my work as a handyman. My skills cover the following areas:

  • Woodwork repairs and construction
  • Basic electrical work: I am qualified as a Domestic Installer but not registered.
  • Basic plumbing
  • Tiling, including floors and walls
  • Demolition and clearance
  • Fencing, gates and garden structures
  • Repairs to sheds and garages including re–roofing
  • Storage solutions including fitting shelves and cupboards, and built in wardrobes
  • See some examples of my work below, then please call me on 0771 358 5954 or email to discuss your job. If the project requires painting and decorating then my partner, Venetia, who is City and Guilds qualified works alongside me. For only painting and decorating please contact her directly on 0781 464 8339.

    We are based in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

    Regards, Graham

    Just a few examples of work

    An indoor gate built and installed to keep the dog out of a child's play area
    The indoor gate in context
    From the other side
    A shed reroofed with Coroline corrugated sheets
    Also a gutter and water collection system installed
    Why drain pipes sometimes need replacing
    Another gate, the inside
    and outside
    An extended patio
    A porch I built
    over an existing doorway
    Also restored the bases, before...
    and after
    A loft hatch I installed in a new location
    and the ladder
    A gate built from scratch
    Clearing a wall of ivy before...
    ...and after
    A garden before...
    ...and after
    Bespoke built in cupboard
    Storage inside
    Bespoke garden gate
    Access rails, fabricated and installed
    A garage before...
    ...and after
    Somerset Stav Martial Arts Centre before...
    ...and after
    A pergola
    Door installed joining house to garage
    A garden before...
    ...and after
    Work in progress in solving a persistant leak
    New conservatory roof completed
    Contact Graham


    Telephone 0771 358 5954