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Metal is all around us but relatively few people have the tools and skills to fabricate or repair structures and objects made in aluminium or steel. It is particularly difficult these days to find someone who can carry out car or van body welding and repairs.

V and G Services can offer fabrication and repair services in steel and alluminium. Whether you need a couple of small metal brackets made up, some railings or a gate repaired, or a structure fabricated, drop us a line and we will see if we can help.

Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Arc welding for thicker steelwork such as steel gate or fence posts
  • MIG welding for thin steel sheet such as car or van body repair. We have been doing bodywork repairs on vehicles such as Citroen C15 vans for many years and our repairs do meet MOT standards. It is a lot of work to make an invisible repair if welding is needed. However, a repair which is then just painted over with Hamerite may not look great but, it will prolong the life of the vehicle and enable you to obtain an MOT certificate.
  • Fabrication in alluminium sheet or strip including pop riveting
  • Rust cleaning, treatment, and refinishing
  • Please see some examples of our metalwork below. Then, if you need our help give me a call on 0771 358 5954 or email today and I will be happy to come and discuss your requirements.

    ion">Reconstructed using sheet steel and bar

    Examples of Metalwork Projects

    Assistance Rail,
    constructed and fitted
    A client bought an incomplete bathroom fitting
    A wall bracket was fabricatedThe item could be installed
    This table was useful to a nursing mother by badly designedA simple reinforcing strip of Alluminium riveted and bolted into place
    The table is now strong and stableMetal railing post hit by a car
    Seriously bent out of shapePost was replaced with new cap welded on
    Bars straightened and repaintedRear bumper supports were completely rusted
    away but were reconstructed using steel bar.
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